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StrokeDx Honored with 2023 Vision Award at WSGR Medical Device & Digital Health Conference

StrokeDx Vision Award WSGR Medical Conference

We are proud to announce that StrokeDx has been named the 2023 Vision Award Winner at the WSGR Medical Device & Digital Health Conference. This esteemed recognition highlights our commitment to revolutionizing stroke detection with our cutting-edge portable neuroimaging devices.

The Vision Award, presented by MedTech Innovator, acknowledges exceptional potential in the medical technology field. Our selection from numerous innovative startups underscores the transformative impact of our technology and the dedication of our team.

Winning this award brings significant advantages, including invaluable resources and connections with industry leaders, investors, and mentors. These relationships, along with engaging with the most influential figures in the medical device industry, provide us with crucial insights and guidance. This support will be instrumental in refining our technology, accelerating its development and commercialization, enhancing our product, expanding our reach, and ultimately improving patient outcomes globally.

At StrokeDx, we remain committed to advancing stroke care. This award is a significant milestone, reinforcing our vision and driving us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field.

We are excited about the future and the continued progress we will make with the support of the MedTech Innovator community. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. We look forward to sharing more milestones and achievements with you in the coming months.


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